Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dudie and Brownie Weekly Photo and Update

This is a picture of Dudie today (his weekly photo shoot :-) I am finally seeing some good improvement in him! We gave him a bath to help him shed out some of the winter hair he is holding onto because of the malnourishment. He really seemed to like it! His feed routine now looks like 9 lbs of Equine Senior, 2 lbs of 4-way grain, 2 cups of rice bran and a splash of corn oil (this is fed twice a day).

He is no longer weak and sickly, so he is now able to hold his own with Edward who was determined to beat him up the first few weeks we had him. So glad to see him getting healthy!

Below is a picture of Brownie this week! He is doing GREAT! Son # 2 rides him often (and in 4-H) and they are a great match! Brownie is so perfect for this boy! Brownie is such a blessing to us, we had friends over Monday and several other kids rode him around the front yard. He is so gentle and well behaved, very fun for the kids! His feeding routine is reduced to 3 flakes of grass/alfalfa mix hay and 2 lbs of 4-way grain twice a day. His weight is pretty good now, though I would like to see another 50 or so pounds on him, but we can take it slow now and add muscle along with the fat! I am very pleased with his progress!

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