Monday, July 12, 2010

Dudie & Brownie weekly photos & update

Well, it looks like I am averaging a bi-weekly update at this point. This is county fair month and my boys are in 4-H so we are very busy this month!
Here is this week's picture of Dudie. He is looking so good I can hardly tell him from the other horses anymore!!!! Hooray! His top line is filled in, his flanks & haunches are fuller! He is full of energy and very friendly! His feed routine is 9lbs of Equine senior by Purina, 4 lbs 4-way grain by Ranchway, 2 cups rice bran mash by Manna Pro and 1 flake of hay per feeding. We put him in the round pen to eat, but then he is free to run with the other horses the rest of the day.

Today was a milestone day! We rode Dudie for the first time! He did GREAT and seemed to enjoy it alot! Here are some pictures of his first ride day!
This is D riding Dudie in the round pen. We decided it was safest to ride him in a controlled area to see how he would do. (bareback with only a halter and lead ropes, we figured he didn't need any extra weight from a saddle quite yet) He did great!

Here D is loping Dudie in the round pen. Dudie responds to leg pressure very well, it is obvious that he has had some good training, we can hardly wait to see all the things he can do!

Then we were feeling confident with him and D took him into the pasture and even did some tricks like crossing a bridge and going over logs etc. Dudie seemed to love having a job to do and getting extra attention today!

Here is a pic of Brownie from this week. He is gaining muscle as he is being ridden weekly (often several times). He looks so healthy now! He is so fun to ride and J loves him very much! We are so blessed to have these horses!
His feed is 3 flakes of grass mix hay and 2 lbs of 4 way grain twice a day.

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