Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dudie & Brownie weekly photos & update

Ok, here is a picture of Brownie (ignore the date, my camera reset and I forgot to change the date). We have had him a full week now. I did get a couple pictures today in between the snow showers. Such strange weather! At one point we had over an inch of snow sticking on the ground!
The angles are not that great and the lighting is not great either. Can you tell any difference? I think I can see a difference in both of them. They don't seem to have such jagged bones sticking out, they seem to be a bit more fleshy looking. I am sure it will take several weeks to really compare pics and see bigger changes.

We were a little busy with our La Mancha goat that was giving birth today. She had 1 beautiful little doeling!

Below is the picture of Dudie. Wishing I had been able to get better pictures. Oh well, another day. It is so cold and the weather is horrible!

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