Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dudie & Brownie weekly photos & update

Here are the pics I took today. The yellow on Dudie is Fur-all spray. I let them out of the round pen a few days ago to run (and to see how they would do with my other horses) Brownie LOVED it! He ran and ran with my big boys and they all got along well. Sadly, Edward decided that Dudie was weak and he started biting him and chasing him. I quickly put him back in the round pen and sprayed his bites as a precautionary so nothing would get infected and they would heal quickly. Thankfully none of them were bad, just bite marks mostly. Dudie needs to be in the round pen anyhow, to make sure he gets ALL of his food each meal.

Dudie & Brownie have been here over 2 weeks already! I weighed everything tonight so that I would know exactly what I have been giving them. Here is what I did.

I talked with the guy at the feed store before they got here and this is what he suggested. The first day, they each got 1 lb 4-way grain, 1/3 c corn oil 1 flake alfalfa and as much grass hay as they would eat. The second day I upped it to 2 lbs 4-way grain, 1/3 c corn oil, 2 flakes alfalfa and as much grass hay as they would eat.....that's what they got the first 2 weeks. Twice a day of course.

Thursday, I was not happy with the weight gain (not fast enough for me) so I changed it. They are now each getting: 2 lbs alfalfa pellets, 2 lbs 4-way grain (this fills about 1/2 of the 8qt bucket), the rest of the bucket is filled with soaked beet pulp, and 3 flakes of alfalfa each meal. They seemed to be gaining a little, but I am hoping to see better results this next week. I am not an expert feeder.....I just go by instinct and results. That is what I did with Teddy 6 or 7 years ago, but it has been a LONG time and my horses are all easy keepers now. I am having a bit of a learning curve right now. I am getting more comfortable with them and feeling more confident that they will not colic on me, so I am getting more adventurous with my feeding :-)

Below is the picture of Dudie. I think he still looks bad and I am not happy with his progress. Hoping to see more improvement by next week!

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