Friday, May 14, 2010

Dudie & Brownie weekly photos & update

Here are today's pictures of Dudie & Brownie. Brownie is looking GREAT! Dudie, still not sure. Dudie is up to a scoop and 1/2 grain (3lbs), 1 cup soy powder and 2 lbs alfalfa pellets along with his hay. We will see how he does with that. It is also slowly getting a bit warmer, so that might help too. He is getting all his grain because we hold the bucket, but he is probably not getting all the hay he needs so I am going to have to kick Brownie out of the round pen and integrate him with my other horses so that Dudie can get ALL the food I put in there. I do realize that he was worse off to start and he is older, I am just impatient and I want to see him filled out and healthy faster than I am seeing. I think he might look a tad better this week. The cold weather and snow are not helping him gain weight. His body is having to work too hard and burning too many calories that he is just not taking in right now. I guess it will just take time.

I went out and let Brownie out of the round pen so he is now with my other 3 horses. They are getting along GREAT! He is so happy to be out and is enjoying running around with this wind blowing today......It appears that he might even decide to be the new herd boss around here.....he is so full of energy that he is pushing Teddy around out there. LOL I am very happy with Brownie's weight gain and I think we can start riding him next week and giving him some exercise!
After we let Brownie out, we gave Dudie some more hay and a fresh bucket of grain. The weather has been so yucky, I think he just can't keep the weight on....just too cold! It will be easier to know for sure how much he is personally eating now that he is in the round pen alone. Praying that I can figure out how to put weight on him.....I really want him to look as good as Brownie does! I wormed them both the other day with a different wormer, thinking that might help too.....I also added some soy meal powder for extra protein for them too.

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